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Services - Overview

INTICS carries out bespoke projects to develop predictive analytical models specific to each organisation's business requirements. Our analytical models provide valuable decision-support to assist organisations in planning their business strategies. Below are just some of typical applications.


Credit Risk

Providing a consistent and objective assessment of credit risk or fraud:

- At the point of application to assist underwriters in making decisions about new customers by applying application scorecards.
- At early stage of customer life using behavioural modelling.
- For existing customers using payment data, transactional data, delinquency etc.

Customer Retention

Predicting the loss of valuable customers well in advance to enable the formulation of effective retention strategies, such as:

- Special offers.
- Discounts.
- Personal pricing.
- Product/service relevant to the customer, such as a new credit card or tariff plan.

Customer Lifetime Value

CLV measures the stream of costs and revenue resulting from the use by customer of products or services over a longer span of time. Analysing the customer base as a whole to identify key customer segments and establish a framework for different treatments and interactions:

- Segment the customers most critical to the revenue stream to ensure they are retained.
- Monitor customers spending to plan future customer retention and cross-selling strategies.
- Use the information as justification for various customer acquisition/retention strategies.

Campaign Management

Helping to understand prospective customers' motivations and focus marketing efforts by identifying only the relevant people to receive a specific offer or product, resulting in:

- Maximum marketing response.
- Reduced mailing and acquisition costs.
- Increased customer satisfaction.

Cross Sell/Up Sell

Reducing acquisition costs by capitalizing on sales opportunities in the current customer portfolio, using profiling to identify product and services affinity to:

- Explore linkages between the products/services customers presently buy and the ones they might be persuaded to buy.
- Increase customer satisfaction by only offering products for which they qualify.
- Increase customer retention by providing customers with more than one product or service.

Credit Limit Management

Reduce risk of default, whilst at the same time improve profits and customer satisfaction by establishing appropriate credit limits:

- Determine an initial credit limit based on application score.
- Manage the credit limit and credit class dynamically using behavioural scores.


Developing a focused collection strategy with the aid of behavioural scoring to proactively use limited resources to:

- Identify the 'auto-resolution' accounts and improve customer relations.
- Identify the 'write-off' accounts at an early stage to apply appropriate strategies.
- Identify the outstanding accounts where minimum payment is likely to be made.
- Prioritize accounts to ensure maximum collections and optimized use of resources.
- Identify the most suitable strategy to recover the debt.

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