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INTICS - Intelligent Analytics
INTICS - Intelligent Analytics

We are a company which provides sustainable innovation to our services and solutions. Our approach is holistic based on bringing together different skill sets of our people typically analytics, business analysis and technology.

In the combined process all three streams are iterative and interconnected - something that is not only quicker but also produce top quality end solutions and maximized benefits for our clients. We have strong company culture which acts as a motivator to bring people together who have broad range of knowledge and expertise.

INTICS - Intelligent Analytics

Making a difference

There is a lot of suppliers that come in to the client, make a handful of recommendations, and leave the client to decide what to do and how to do it. Too many projects are unfinished, and too many reports are written but have remained unread.

INTICS is resolving all issues by working side-by-side with the clients. We don't take the problems away giving the opportunity our clients to learn how the problems have been solved. It is a continuous process where our clients understand to solve similar problems arising in the future. We respect the inputs from our clients and understand the constraints to which a client is inevitably subject. INTICS knits together good management, intellectual understanding and performance abilities. Our knowledge and expertise lie back to late 80's when the founders started to:
- develop a deep conceptual understanding of the critical technology and business issues all businesses face in today's competitive world;
- provide means of applying this understanding by using whole range of analytical, judgement and statistical methods to take advantage of real business situations;
- allow the learning to be applied to future analytical practice together with continuous proficient review of the world economy and trends in all key markets and regions.


For everyone, a decision is a choice between two or more alternatives of options. In organisations it is a process, in which the manager seeks information, analyses it in a rational way and then implement the decision through the organisation. Decision makers demand information. The more information that is taken into account, the more confidence there can be in the decision made. A good decision maker is an active in auditing the information that is available to be used in a decision making situation. This involves background research and analysis of the gathered information. Often in a decision-making situation it is not a lack of information which presents a problem. Quite the reverse in fact: it is that too much is available.

Usually the organisations are drawing of information but starved for knowledge. INTICS brings quality, experience and added value by working in one or more of the following areas:
- identify what information is available;
- decide which information is pertinent;
- suggest inference process best for the best decisioning;
- applied the required model or process by using all latest techniques and algorithms;
- validate the models and results for better business performance and ROI.

The quality is assured by our ability to recognise the business's profile of strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. All businesses are different and we are using conceptual frameworks to guide the exploration of company's capabilities, weaknesses and corporate performance.
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